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Our Community

Our students, faculty and staff are men and women from various backgrounds and cultures. We are proud to bring our rich differences together through a shared love for God, Orthodox Christianity, and a faithful rigorous education. Together, we are formed with excellence and integrity in preparation for leading and transforming our community. 


Our Church

St. Mary's Christian Academy is a service of St. Mary's Coptic Orthodox Church. The Coptic Church is an apostolic church, whose tradition dates back to St. Mark's evangelism to the Egyptians. St. Mary's Coptic Orthodox Church offers multiple scholarships to SMCA students.   

Did you know the Raleigh-Durham area consistently ranks among the top places to live? Just ask BankRate, US News, or Business Insider.

SMCA gets inquiries from all over the country, and sometimes beyond. With multiple museums (many of them free), endless high quality parks, and the best of Southern cooking, Raleigh is a place the whole family will love.


Our City

Our SMCA Family

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