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Academy Overview

At our academy, we are committed to delivering a superior education rooted in the timeless principles of Orthodox Christianity, preserved for centuries by the One Holy Universal and Apostolic Church. Our dedicated faculty, engaging curriculum, and warm community create an environment where students thrive academically and spiritually. 

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Early childhood education is pivotal for nurturing fundamental skills in mathematics, reading, and social development. Enroll your child in our daycare and preschool programs to ensure a well-rounded foundation. Our curriculum not only focuses on fostering a love for reading and proficiency in mathematics but also prioritizes the cultivation of strong social skills. Beyond learning to read, our approach aims to develop students into well-rounded individuals, equipped with essential life skills and a genuine passion for learning.

Primary School
(Kindergarten to
2nd Grade)

For students in Kindergarten through 2nd grade, our educational approach extends beyond foundational skills. We provide a stimulating environment where academic excellence, social skills, and a love for learning continue to flourish. Our dedicated faculty ensures a seamless progression, building on the fundamentals and fostering a supportive atmosphere that prepares young learners for a lifetime of success.

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Elementary School
3rd to 5th Grade

In the transitional years of 3rd through 5th grade, St. Mary's Christian Academy offers a dynamic educational experience. Building on foundational skills, our curriculum is designed to challenge and inspire students. With a focus on academic excellence, character development, and fostering a sense of community, we guide students through crucial stages of their educational journey. Our dedicated faculty ensures a supportive environment that encourages curiosity and critical thinking.

Middle School
6th to 8th Grade

For students in 6th through 8th grade, St. Mary's Christian Academy provides a comprehensive and challenging educational environment. Our curriculum is tailored to meet the unique academic needs of middle school students, emphasizing critical thinking, collaboration, and character development. With a focus on preparing students for the transition to higher grades, our dedicated faculty guides them through a curriculum that encourages curiosity and a deeper understanding of the subjects.

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