Our application process is designed to determine whether St. Mary's Christian Academy is a right fit for you and your student. We will be with you every step of the way to ensure you have all the information you need to complete the process quickly. 

The Application, Admission, & Enrollment Process

Below outlines the process for enrollment to SMCA, but not necessarily in this order:

STEP I. Campus Visit and Interview
Visits and interviews are by appointments only. During the interview, the applicant and parent will
have the opportunity to meet with administrative staff and will review information contained in the
applicant and parent questionnaire. If and when a family or parents visit our campus without notice,
we will make all efforts to meet with the family/visitors if an administrator is available.

STEP II. Application
In order to initiate the admissions process, the student and parent are required to submit the following

  • Application form, report cards or transcripts of the past three years along with a behavioral history.

  • Applicant and parent questionnaire

  • The records release form.

  • Submit the non-refundable registration fee (This fee does not apply to tuition) and must be paid even    if a child’s application must be submitted to the Board.

  • Immunization record. (See Immunizations in Student Handbook).

STEP III. Screening/Testing
Based on a student's academic history, SMCA reserves the right to subject a prospective student or a
returning student to a screening/entrance exam to determine if SMCA will be able to meet that
student's academic needs. The Admissions Office will advise the parent and student of the need and
time for testing. Screening/entrance exams will focus on the areas of Mathematics and

STEP IV. Board of Directors Review
If an applicant does not fully meet the minimum requirements of SMCA, the Board of Directors will
determine if the student should be granted admission and determine what stipulations should be
imposed. Stipulations may include grade retention and/or granting conditional acceptance, which places the student on Academic Probation and mandatory participation in the Reconstructive Program.


STEP V. Registration & Fees
Upon approval for admission, the student is considered enrolled upon SMCA's receipt of the complete application, the first month's tuition, and other applicable fees, as well as the signed Statement of Conduct. For grades 6-12, a full class schedule will be provided to the accepted student.