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Discover the heart of St. Mary's Christian Academy, a distinguished Preschool to 8th Grade, private, non-profit Christian school nestled in Raleigh, NC, operating under the esteemed Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Carolinas and Kentucky. 



We are committed to providing a rigorous academic education rooted in traditional Christian values that:

  1. Nurtures the formation of the whole person – mentally, physically and spiritually,

  2. Fosters an environment of collaboration, service, and moral excellence,                              

  3. Provides individualized training and mentorship to form each student into a Christian leader in the community.


  • We believe in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, who are One God and Holy Trinity - 

  • We believe that the Father sent His Only Son into the world, to be born out of the Virgin St. Mary - 

  • We believe that the Son, Jesus Christ, lived on the Earth for 33 years, performed countless miracles, and gave His Body and Blood to the disciples to share with His Church - 

  • We believe Christ was crucified and died on the Cross as atonement for the sins of all of humanity - 

  • We believe that after 3 days, Christ rose from the dead and appeared to His disciples preaching the Resurrection from the dead, until He ascended to heaven to be with the Father in His kingdom - 

  • We believe that the Father sent the Holy Spirit to dwell among us, to teach us, and to fill us with grace so that we too may one day join the Father in Heaven as His adopted children - 

  • We believe that the Holy Spirit endows the Church with authority:

    • to grant the Christian believer the spirit of adoption through Holy Baptism and Chrismation - 

    • to entreat the Holy Spirit to change bread and wine into the true Body and Blood of Christ -

    • to ordain the Patriarch, bishops, priests and deacons to serve Christ's one true Church - 

    • to loose and forgive all sins committed, through the practice of confession and repentance -

    • to discern and interpret the true will of God, as communicated through the Bible and Tradition -

  • We believe that the Church will one day be resurrected to enjoy the fullness of life in Heaven. 

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