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Your Child Deserves
the Best Education

At St. Mary's Christian Academy, we believe your child deserves the best education, and our commitment to excellence is reflected in our comprehensive approach to learning.


At St. Mary's Christian Academy, our curriculum is enhanced by the inclusion of IXL, a dynamic and personalized online platform that empowers students to master essential skills in mathematics, language arts, science, and social studies. Through IXL, we tailor learning experiences to each child's needs, providing targeted support and challenges.

Our dedication to technology integration extends beyond IXL. We embrace cutting-edge tools to enhance the educational experience, preparing students for the digital age. From the classroom to collaborative online projects, we ensure that technology is seamlessly woven into our curriculum.

In nurturing reading and writing literacy skills, we prioritize a holistic approach. Our language arts program encompasses literature exploration, creative writing, and critical analysis. We foster a love for reading and equip students with the skills to articulate their thoughts effectively through the written word.

Beyond academics, St. Mary's recognizes the importance of a well-rounded education. Our music and art programs inspire creativity and self-expression, allowing students to explore their talents and develop a deep appreciation for the arts. Physical education is integral to our curriculum, promoting an active and healthy lifestyle through a variety of sports and activities.

At St. Mary's Christian Academy, we go beyond education — we cultivate a nurturing environment that nurtures character, values, and a lifelong love of learning. Join us in providing your child with an education that goes beyond the ordinary, where every day is an opportunity for growth, exploration, and achievement.

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