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Curriculum Overview

We believe that our students can achieve great heights when given the right support and guidance. Our program is crafted to nurture students to thrive academically and personally. Our curriculum is tailored to foster essential skills from an early age, encouraging critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. We aspire to empower our students to succeed not only in their academic journey but also in preparing them for the challenges of the future.



At SMCA, we recognize that math is the language of logic. Our approach to teaching mathematics goes beyond mere memorization; we're dedicated to cultivating critical thinking skills. Through the integration of the IXL curriculum and various math resources, we empower students not only to understand mathematical processes but also to engage in analytical thinking. At SMCA, teaching math is synonymous with nurturing thoughtful and strategic problem-solving skills.

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English-Language Arts

In our English-Language Arts curriculum at SMCA, we focus on honing written and reading literacy skills. Our program is designed to empower students with the tools needed for effective expression through writing and to enhance their reading comprehension. Through engaging literature, we foster a love for reading and equip students with the skills to articulate their thoughts coherently in writing. At SMCA, we prioritize building a strong foundation in English-Language Arts, ensuring that students are well-prepared for future academic success.



In our science curriculum at SMCA, we view science as an investigative process. Students embark on a journey of inquiry into God's creation, exploring and observing underlying phenomena. Through this exploration, they gain the ability to make valuable inferences that transform their worldview. At SMCA, science is not just a subject; it's a dynamic and engaging experience that encourages curiosity, critical thinking, and a deeper understanding of the world around them.


Social Studies

In our social studies curriculum at SMCA, we believe that understanding human history and the influential forces that shape it is a crucial skill for those aspiring to make a positive impact on the world. Students actively engage with a diverse range of primary and secondary texts, applying their knowledge through essays and discussions. Our approach goes beyond memorization; it encourages critical thinking and fosters a deep appreciation for the complexities of our shared history. At SMCA, social studies is a gateway to developing informed and responsible global citizens.



In our theology curriculum at SMCA, we provide students with a profound understanding of the Bible through the lens of Orthodox Christian Theology. By delving into the core tenets of our faith, students not only gain knowledge but also learn to embody their Christian calling as leaders created in His image. Our aim is to instill a deep and practical connection between theological teachings and living out one's Christian faith in a meaningful way. At SMCA, theology is not just a subject; it's a guiding principle for shaping thoughtful and compassionate leaders.


Fine Arts

In our commitment to the fine arts at St. Mary's, students explore and harness their God-given talents to enhance their artistic abilities. The emphasis is not just on personal development but also on sharing these talents with the community. Through our fine arts program, students are encouraged to express creativity, communicate emotions, and contribute meaningfully to the cultural richness of their surroundings. At St. Mary's, the fine arts serve as a powerful means for self-expression and community connection.

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World Languages

In the ever-evolving global landscape, cultural proficiency is an essential aspect of a well-rounded education. At St. Mary's, we equip students with the skills to engage and communicate effectively across international boundaries. Our basic world languages program not only fosters linguistic competence but also promotes cultural understanding, preparing students for success in an interconnected world. Through language education, we empower students to navigate diverse cultural landscapes with confidence and sensitivity.

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Whether playing basketball, soccer, volleyball or ping-pong, our students learn the necessity of balancing the mind, body, and spirit. Indoor amenities enable them to train and discipline their bodies year round to glorify God in all areas of life. 

"No matter how you are now, you can be a good student.

You can be inspired to be a good student."


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