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Coach Timothy Woods

Athletic Director

Coach Timothy Woods, a retired firefighter with a strong coaching legacy, is the Athletic Director and physical education teacher at St. Mary's Christian Academy. His decades-long service in the Fire Department honed his leadership and community engagement skills, which he seamlessly applies to his role. With an extensive coaching background spanning high school, middle school, and recreational basketball, Coach Woods's impact is deeply felt.

As a former Varsity Boys basketball head coach, he led teams to remarkable growth, showcasing his commitment to skill development and strategic play. Coach Woods's ability to recognize and nurture talent is evidenced by his past students' success in professional sports. His educational journey through Trinidad State College and Shaw University solidified his expertise in sports management.

Beyond his professional life, Coach Woods treasures his role as a family man, with three children and eight grandchildren. He believes in using sports to instill life skills, teamwork, and character development. At St. Mary's Christian Academy, Coach Timothy Woods continues to inspire athletic excellence and personal growth, leaving an enduring legacy of integrity and mentorship.

Coach Timothy Woods
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