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Fr. Moussa Masoud

Headmaster, School Liturgy Service, Theology Instructor

Meet Father Moussa Masoud, the esteemed Headmaster of St. Mary's Christian Academy (SMCA). With a profound dedication to both spiritual and educational realms, Father Moussa leads with unwavering commitment. Ordained in 2021 at St. Mary Coptic Orthodox Church of Greenville by His Grace Bishop Peter, his leadership journey reflects a deep-rooted devotion to faith and community.

Before joining St. Mary's, Father Moussa served as a Full Deacon at St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church in Myrtle Beach, SC. This experience honed his pastoral care skills and community engagement, setting a strong foundation for his current role. As Headmaster, Father Moussa envisions an environment where academic excellence seamlessly blends with spiritual growth. His unique background bridges religious leadership and education, promising a nurturing institution that fosters both intellectual prowess and strong moral values.

Under Father Moussa's guidance, SMCA flourishes as a hub of exceptional education and profound character development. His holistic approach to nurturing students ensures they thrive not only academically, but also ethically, guided by compassion and integrity. Father Moussa's leadership ignites a bright path for SMCA, where students are empowered to excel while embracing their spiritual journey.

Fr. Moussa Masoud
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