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Mr. George Mikhaeal

Elementary & Middle School English and Social Studies Lead Teacher

George Mikhaeal is a passionate educator who continues to make a profound impact on the educational experience at St. Mary's Christian Academy. With a Master's degree in Theological Studies from Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Seminary & School of Theology, George's academic journey reflects his unwavering commitment to learning and personal growth.

George's background as a former School Administrator and Bible & Theology Teacher at St. Mary's Christian Academy highlights his expertise in curriculum development and his dedication to fostering student success. His roles as a Summer Academy Director and Middle School English Teacher underscore his innovative approach to education and his commitment to providing enriching learning experiences.

Through his experiences as a Youth Minister and High School Youth Event Coordinator, George has honed the skills necessary to connect with students on a personal level, inspiring them to achieve their full potential and cultivating a sense of belonging within the school community.

George's proficiency as a Paralegal Clerk for the Secretary of the Commonwealth - Corporations Division exemplifies his meticulous attention to detail and organizational acumen.

In his role as an Elementary & Middle School Lead English and Social Studies Teacher at St. Mary's Christian Academy, George's comprehensive background uniquely equips him to create engaging educational materials, foster classroom leadership, and promote student engagement. His dedication to enhancing the learning environment and contributing positively to the school community is a testament to his character and commitment.

Mr. George Mikhaeal
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